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What are drone survey services?

A drone survey is the use of a drone, or UAV, to capture images of an area or property from the sky. There are several ways of using drones to survey an area, ranging from LIDAR scans that establish the objects below the drone to 4K cameras, allowing for a better inspection of the area. From this data, contractors and construction companies create 3D maps to better understand the space that they’re working in.

Why use a drone survey?

Drone surveys in Aberdeen are the perfect tool for quickly and easily building an understanding of the space that you are working in. Not only does a 3D map make it far easier to complete architectural plans using CAD software, but 4K photography on an existing structure can show some potential areas of weakness and guide any renovations you complete in the future.


Quality drone survey services Aberdeen businesses trust

Barnes Fernández Ltd offers high-quality drone surveys that Aberdeen contractors and architects can trust. Our expertise comes from almost two decades of experience in the business, which we combine with top-of-the-line drone equipment to build an accurate image of any given space, whether outdoors or in a confined space.

We understand the difficulties that wasting time on disruption can have on a project. To limit frustration we focus on making sure our clients get what they need when they need it, thanks to our ethos of customer satisfaction.

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